Before I sculpt I always create some sort of under structure to put the clay over. Sometimes, when I’m sure of what I’m doing I’ll go so far as to build the actual skeleton and work on top of that but usually it’s just a wire armature. solderingThe problem is the wire frame I start with is usually not that accurate because I’m not really sure what I’m going to do once I start sculpting. I’m not very good at sketching out designs so I tend to do my design work in clay. Problem is, as you can imagine, I tend to have a few false starts before I hit on the direction I want to take a character. I’ve changed all that with FILTH. All the characters (except for their faces) have been clearly designed in terms of scale and body shape before I touched the clay … which means my wire frames are very accurate … which also means my character’s proportions are a lot better. All this has greatly streamlined my sculpting process. I’ve been making films a long time and even though I know twistedTHIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE!!!!, this is the first time I’ve ever done it this way. What I fool I used to be.

In festival news, HIVE will be playing at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival (March 31 – April 2) Actual screening day and time TBA.