I envy computer animators. They are limited only by their imaginations, their abilities, and their toys (although these days you can outfit yourself with all the programs you need to do some truly amazing work so the toys part is becoming less and less of an issue) If they need something new it’s just a download away. I need materials. Actual, physical supplies and what I can’t buy I have to make. It sometimes feels like making things is becoming a dying art and I can see why. It’s no fun driving all over the city picking up plaster, metal, ball joints, wood, styrofoam, screws, bolts, plexiglas, gloves, foam rubber, paint, clay, etc… I could have a lot of this stuff shipped but I’m old school. I want to SEE something before I buy it. I want to KNOW it’s going to work. Plus … I’m CHEAP. I can’t see myself paying $40 in shipping for $45 of plaster. And while I may spend $10 in gas and 2 hours of my time picking this stuff up, I’m still saving $30 which I can use somewhere else in the film. So it’s back in the truck and turn up the music

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