six months

Officially FILTH was started on November 27, 2016 when I completed the first draft of the screenplay but January 1, 2017 was when I put my head down and started to physically put this train in motion. The speed at which it travels is entirely at my discretion. Projects like this need to stay in motion or they will die. I’ve yet to have that happen to me. People think it’s because I’m dedicated but more likely it’s because I am incredibly stubborn. I’ve started this thing and now it MUST be finished. When someone says, “No one’s making you do it,” internally I think, “Oh yes there is.”



Making a film gets under your skin. I’m sure that’s true for any creative pursuit. It gets in your head and you need to be prepared to live with it for awhile. You can sometimes get a little weirded out by what it is you’re doing and what you’re getting a kick out of. But it’s all good … after all, it’s just a movie.




I’ve never made a film that looked like this. I’ve certainly never made one that sounded like this. There are going to be a lot of people wondering what happened to me. Message movies have their place but they can be very depressing. BROKEN and HIVE are downers. I don’t mean that in a bad way but it would be naive of me to think otherwise. No one is going to fist pump the end of civilization or the death of a loved one (especially the way I’ve chosen to present them) While it is difficult for me to abandon those types of themes altogether, that’s exactly what I’m doing with FILTH. It is going to be a different kind of monster.



I’ve mixed a lot of plaster recently. I’ve been putting it off (because I hate it) but these last few days I put my head down and got a big chunk of pouring moulds out of the way. It’s so important but so unrewarding. You can’t rush these things and happily there was no drama. Just a few more to go and I can put my dust mask away.