This was the most challenging skeleton I’ve ever built. Almost 4 weeks of work. It’s actually not significantly different from other human shaped puppets I’ve made in the past but it does have some interesting modifications and is very sturdy (because of his performance needs the sturdy factor was a MUST) Standing 32 cm (12 inches) he is similar in stature to Clarke from BROKEN. Clarke was a horror story to animate … such a bad skeleton. I’m confident that this puppet will be able to perform the way I need it to without the frustration I went through with Clarke. Next up and the last in line is the skeleton for my star character. His skeleton will be almost identical to this one so it should be an easy build now that I’ve gotten all the bugs ironed out. The only real difference will be the need for a fully articulated face. The day is quickly approaching when all these puppets will be going into the oven and getting their skin. Is animation far off?

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