foam first

I’m using a different foam rubber on FILTH. I know … amazing news … really interesting … tell us more. Since you asked, it’s from a company called Monsters Lab (how can you not want to use stuff from a company with a name like that) My reasons for changing are simple … availability and price. It’s $50 cheaper but more importantly, same day pick up. All these materials are professional grade so there’s not much difference between this foam and the GM Foam I’ve been using the last few years. One of the main characters, a rat and the oversized hand went into the oven and … all went well (see how I mislead you with the title) 3 more runs to go.


I am my own worst enemy when it comes to promoting my films. Posting on a weekly basis with respect to the making of FILTH is my way of trying to break tScreenings copyhat mould. But I still have some bad habits. One of them is not being very quick to announce screenings of past projects. The following example is particularly egregious. I found out some weeks ago that HIVE was named an official selection at the 2017 FILMQUEST Film Festival, something I am understandably pleased with but none the less never bothered to post anything about. Today I was informed that HIVE is up for BEST ANIMATED SHORT at FILMQUEST. Had it not be nominated I seriously believe that I may never have posted anything about this screening. Self promotion on line is outrageously pervasive and I have always had a problem with what I perceive as bragging about ones accomplishments (especially when so much of it is unwarranted) HIVE is not my best film but that it is being recognized in this why is not only rewarding but in a very real sense, a relief. When you spend 2 years working on something you kind of hope that others will see the value in it … so … ya for me. The festival takes place September 8 – 16 in Provo, Utah



This is the last skeleton. Everything about FILTH is bigger. From the size of the cast to the number of sets to the length of the film so it comes as no surprise that some of the props should also be bigger. Oversized set and character pieces are necessary for extreme close ups but building them has never really been the most exhilarating experience (although I must admit I do get a kick out of the results) What I DO look forward to is the stills I will inevitably post months from now of me animating this hand holding … oh … but I’ve said too much.



About a year ago I remember boasting about how good the skeletons for HIVE turned out, that they were the best I had ever designed. That still may be the case but these new ones are a very close second … and I’m not all together sure that the tall one on the left is not actually the NEW BEST SKELETON EVER. I’ll know for sure once I start animating. Keeping things fresh and interesting is not easy, especially after all the years I’ve dedicated to this crazy art form so I’m constantly trying new things. And even if it’s something as simple as changing the way I make a shoulder joint, that can be the difference between enthusiasm and boredom.



August will see an acceleration of events. Not because I’m going to be working all that much harder but because a lot of the less obvious but essential work on FILTH has been cleaned up and I’m finally able to attack the remaining, bigger projects ahead of filming. Painting the maquettes took a little more time than I anticipated but that’s okay. It takes as long as it takes. I’m trying very hard to make FILTH a little more polished than HIVE and BROKEN so I don’t mind investing additional time and effort up front so that animation will go that much smoother. Even with that in mind FILTH will be the fastest I’ve gone from script to shooting.