I am my own worst enemy when it comes to promoting my films. Posting on a weekly basis with respect to the making of FILTH is my way of trying to break tScreenings copyhat mould. But I still have some bad habits. One of them is not being very quick to announce screenings of past projects. The following example is particularly egregious. I found out some weeks ago that HIVE was named an official selection at the 2017 FILMQUEST Film Festival, something I am understandably pleased with but none the less never bothered to post anything about. Today I was informed that HIVE is up for BEST ANIMATED SHORT at FILMQUEST. Had it not be nominated I seriously believe that I may never have posted anything about this screening. Self promotion on line is outrageously pervasive and I have always had a problem with what I perceive as bragging about ones accomplishments (especially when so much of it is unwarranted) HIVE is not my best film but that it is being recognized in this why is not only rewarding but in a very real sense, a relief. When you spend 2 years working on something you kind of hope that others will see the value in it … so … ya for me. The festival takes place September 8 – 16 in Provo, Utah

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