I just completed a third foam run with mixed results … but I have a theory. My disaster from earlier in the week has gone through a second time and successfully come out the other side. However the second puppet in the oven suffered the same fate as my previous mishap.

NOW … MY THEORY.      I’ve been using a different clay on some of the FILTH puppets and every mould that was made from a puppet sculpted with that new clay has come out of the foaming process wrong. Even when 2 moulds made with different clays where in the oven at the same time, the new clay puppet failed while the older clay puppet succeeded. I believe something has leached into the plaster from the clay during the mould making process and is having an adverse reaction with the foam. I am also fairly certain that having gone through the oven once seems to have baked whatever is causing the issue out of the mould. I base that conclusion on the success of today’s successful second attempt. I can only hope that the same will occur when I put today’s failed puppet back into the oven. If all this proves to be true, my only real conciliation right now is that the one puppet that has yet to be attempted was sculpted using my old clay. If he should foam up successfully on the first try I believe I will have the reason for this situation.

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