This past week the aperture lever on my camera seized in the open position. I fixed it by applying pressure with the index finger of my right hand to the exposed part of the lever on the inside of the camera body [just back of the lens mount on the left side((camera right)] until it popped back into place. Everything is working again. Okay … what was that about? Why did I just waste your time on something so arcane? Because that is exactly the kind of thing you have to deal with when you work with technology. Don’t get me wrong … technology is great but you can’t reason with it. It took me a full day to track down the problem. It presented in such a bizarre fashion that it could have been anything: the computer, the animation program, a bad cable, the camera, the lens, me. I cannot understate the level of anxiety problems like this create. There is always an underlying fear that something is going to go catastrophically wrong and the closer I get to the end the greater the fear. You have to train yourself to roll with the punches.

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