FILTH IS DONE. It’s hard to be objective about your own work and I’ve written before about raising people’s expectations but I really like this film. Technically I’ve learned more on FILTH than on any other film I’ve made. Story wise I think it’s a blast, sure to entertain most, likely to offend others. Until I get certain festivals in line I will have to hold off on posting it. Once that’s been sorted out I will finally set it free for all to see. This is what all that work was for … FILTH is ready to be released.



Some minor adjustments and FILTH will be done. 2 years ago I posted about spending all this time on 15 minutes of film and would it be worth it. I’ve always maintained that if your only meter is public reaction then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. I stand by that philosophy. So was it worth it? Looking back I can honestly say that this has been the most enjoyable film I’ve ever made, my life is richer for it. All the obstacles are a distant memory and the making of FILTH will become one of my best of times. It seems ridiculous that a silly little puppet film could have such a lasting effect but there you have it.



The sound edit is complete and I have moved on to the final mix. There will be several pre-mixes in order to wrestle these 40 plus tracks down to the essential 4: dialogue, ambience, effects, and music. I’m also continuing to pack up the last pieces of production. I really enjoyed working with this motley crew. I put my lead character through a few poses before packing him up and damn that is a nice skeleton in there. As smooth and easy to use as the day it was built. I’m looking forward to recreating it but smaller and lighter. For now it’s back to the mixing board.



I spend a lot of time in darkness. I find it soothing. Organizing all these audio channels can get a little frustrating, the darkness keeps me calm. I won’t bother getting into the specifics but everything on the sound edit is progressing nicely. Another week and I should be ready to mix. Most independent films fall down when it comes to sound. It’s as important as any other aspect of the film making process but so often it gets short changed. I tend to go the opposite way. I throw everything at it and slowly whittle it down during the final mix. Even after saying all that it’s still the fastest part of this whole endeavor.