I’ve sculpted a lot of characters over the years but I’ve never purchased any actual sculpting tools. All my tools are odds and ends I’ve collected or built over the years. Last week I found myself at an art supply store and I broke down, spent the 20 bucks and bought my first pack of clay sculpting tools. I still find myself reaching for those old friends but give me time. Old habits are hard to break.



I do a lot of sculpting over the course of a film but most of it happens up front. It’s been 18 months since I did any serious character work and I’m not surprised that I have stupid fingers. It takes a little time to get back that muscle memory. Needless to say the first few weeks are chalk full of false starts and some truly weird puppet proportions; big heads, long arms, short legs, etc. Another 20 hours and I’ll be back on track.



Why does it always seem to be winter? Just as I finally get the gears in motion on a new film the temperature drops and I find myself back in this deep freeze of a basement. I know, self inflicted pain. Anyway, my first character sculpt is underway and already I’m intrigued by the look I’m hoping to achieve



“Great film. Very dark, and gory.”  Lee Squires, Sunday Shorts Festival Director

FILTH has been named a semi-finalist at the Sunday Shorts Film Festival in London, England. While it will not be screening at their upcoming event in February they do plan to include it in their Halloween program. I guess it might be a bit too extreme for a general audience to which I say, well done.



My initial idea and what it has evolved into are so far removed from each other that it’s hard to connect the dots that lead to this story. I’m not ready to spill my guts about it but the first draft of the new script is done and it is … again … a dramatic departure. Time once again to take it from the top.