FILTH has been named Best Short Film at the Mad Monster Party Film Festival. To the festival organizers and volunteers and to the fans that support the genre go my sincerest thanks. Awards are often hoped for but seldom received so when they do happen it is extremely gratifying.



FILTH has been accepted to The Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival and will screen on Saturday April 6 @10 PM. According to the web site this program block contains … “the craziest, goriest, and most violent films of the festival.” I can’t help but smile. Also, the screening at the Toronto Short Film Festival is set for Tuesday March 12@ @9:15 PM. I’ve updated the screenings page with all the relevant festival information so far.



If you haven’t already guessed my next film will be a western. The term western covers a lot of ground so let me explain what I have in mind. The same way that FILTH was my take on 1940’s film noir, this film is largely inspired by the spaghetti westerns that came out of Italy in the mid 1960’s, specifically the 3 iconic works of Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood (A Fistful of Dollars, 1964/For A Few Dollars More, 1965/The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, 1966) It will also have elements of a ghost story because I simply can’t get away from my monsters. I’ve worked through a few drafts of the script and it’s very close to finished. Ready to commit.


two festivals

There’s always a delay between when a film is finished and when festivals start responding. Once they do however, it’s fairly consistent. This was a good week for FILTH which will have its festival premiere at the MAD MONSTER PARTY FILM FESTIVAL (February 22-24) in Charlotte, NC. That will be followed by a screening at the TORONTO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL  (March 11 – 15) in Toronto, ON. I’ll have specific dates and times soon. I’m currently awaiting word from 40 festivals and still considering entering another 20 so with a little luck you can expect a lot more updates like this one.