Little Terrors is a monthly screening series whose focus is genre films. BROKEN and HIVE had their premieres there and this past Tuesday, FILTH had its turn. Unfortunately, due to prior obligations I was not able to arrive before FILTH screened but I was able to do a Q & A with the small gathering after the screenings ended. Festival coordinator Justin McConnell really deserves a massive amount of credit for this program. He has always been an enthusiastic supporter of my films and with 67 of these events to date, is a real champion of independent horror cinema.


TSFF night

I had the chance to see FILTH on the big screen at the Toronto Short Film Festival this past week and sitting in the dark as the first notes of the soundtrack came up was a bit nerve wracking. After two years of complete control it was now completely out of my hands. FILTH was meant to be an audience film and Tuesday’s screening was something of a relief to know that it plays well to a crowd. Also … I think people find it inherently funny to see stop motion puppets swearing profusely.



Over the years I have sourced out many different suppliers for the arcane materials that are needed to make a stop motion film. Because I tend to stock up at the beginning of production I will often go a couple of years between visits to these establishments. With the rate that retailers go under these days I can’t tell how anxious I get when, like now, it’s time to replenish my resources. So far, everything has been in stock and no one has gone out of business.