Recently there have been only two things on my radar: making skeletons and drawing storyboards. Though I may distract myself with small side projects, week after week those two remain the priority. In many ways they are the most important part of this process. One makes the puppets move; the other tells me where to move them. I normally work fast but some things can’t be rushed. This is one of them and like it or not, there are at least six more weeks of bench and desk work ahead of me before I move on.




I’ve always sculpted the wardrobe right onto my characters to avoid the hassle of having to create tiny outfits. I couldn’t make these out of fabric even if I tried but that’s beside the point. There is one thing I have to create separate from the characters however and that is their coats. So I now find myself researching and printing out sewing patterns for real costs and scaling them down to create a one size fits all coat. It’s the kind of thing that, once successfully completed you keep forever, so you never have to do it again.



They may not look like much but this handful of 5 mm ball studs represents the final internal pieces for my current cast of characters. 6 weeks of waiting and all the way from China, these little R/C car parts are used in all the smallest joints (neck, elbow, jaw) on my puppets. To make a truly professional ball and socket armature you need a metal lathe. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one over the years but I keep coming back to these pre-made parts and their ease of use. They may not be custom but they sure do work.


“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”
Frank Herbert, Dune


FROM HELL HE RIDES is going to take longer to make than my previous 3 films which averaged 2 years from start to finish. I kind of expected this when I finished the script. Most if it comes down to the sets. I was very deliberate in the way I planned FILTH in terms of its environment. Empty apartments, balconies, abandoned buildings, alley ways were all chosen for reasons beyond their aesthetic. I’m not going to say they were easy to build but they were not back breakers. FROM HELL HE RIDES takes place in the typical locations you’d expect to see in a western; saloon, jail, cabin, blacksmith’s, and the all important main street. A simple online search will make clear the challenges ahead.