A few weeks back I wrote about using prefab 5 mm ball joints from R/C cars to make the smaller joints for my puppets (elbow, neck, jaw, etc…) For the larger joints something a little more durable is needed. Enter the helping hand. These are sold for about $10 each and from them you can get 8 steel balls for use in a ball and socket armature. I can pinch quarter inch steel plates around them and they are 100% solid. You just have to be creative in how you solder your steel rods to them. What you absolutely must have if you are going to rub steel on steel is some form of lubricant. Starting on FILTH I’ve been using Brute Lube and without a word of exaggeration, this is the best product I have ever found. It’s wax based so it’s not runny, it’s odourless and you will not believe the difference before and after application. Animation is enough of a challenge, the last thing you need is a puppet that will not go where you tell it.

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