first time

If you’re anything like me, on occasion you’ll find yourself looking at what those around you are doing. When I look behind the scenes at some of the more recent stop motion feature films I am absolutely floored by the resources at their disposal and by comparison how low tech my films really are. For instance; my computer is 11 years old and wildly out of date, my lights are from Canadian Tire and IKEA, my tripod was 50 years old when I got it, I don’t use motion control, my set and character supplies are about as inexpensive as you can find, my studio space can’t hold anything larger than a 4X8 ft. table, my workbench has only 2 electrical tools (grinder and drill press) And yet, I have never felt that the grass was greener on the other side. My current set up would have seemed unattainable to my 10 year old self. I can still remember animating my first creature, in the rain, in the dirt, in my back yard, with an 8mm camera attached to an old cymbal stand from a drum kit and jammed into the ground. Now that was low tech.

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