This past Tuesday FILTH received the Boomstick Award (aka Best of the Festival) from the Thriller! Chiller! film festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. FILTH will be screening on Friday October 11 at Thriller! Chiller! as the opening short ahead of the Universal classic Bride of Frankenstein. This pairing, which may seem odd on its face, could not be more appropriate. I owe a huge debt to Bride. It was a major inspiration during the writing of FILTH. The films visuals also greatly influenced FILTH. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to know that someone made the connection and paired them together. As for Boomstick? Director Sam Raimi, actor Bruce Campbell and producer Rob Tapert are all Michigan natives who made the Evil Dead films to which the term refers. A quick search and you’re sure to find the clip from Army of Darkness.

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