carcassesIt’s been a few weeks since I last talked about FROM HELL HE RIDES (you know, the film I’m actually working on) so here’s a quick update. Remember that problem with the skeletons which lead to the realization that I was going to have to re-foam all the puppets. Well, all the skeletons have been fixed and the puppets and molds are ready for their second run. I used the carcasses of the stripped skeletons (pictured) to do some paint tests which I’m very pleased with. Most of the voices have been recorded and I now have a completed rough cut of the animatic. With over 400 storyboards I thought the film might run a little long, so it was a great relief when the animatic came in at 15 minutes. Finally, the first set will begin going up just before Halloween so it’s still possible that I will be animating before year’s end. In one other bit of news, I’m happy to report that FILTH has been named an official selection of the Tucson Terrorfest.

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