Prison 3

FILTH was a much more divisive film than I expected as far as festivals go. I find this rather surprising seeing as I set out to make a film that was just straight up entertaining. FILTH received its share of rejections but I never took into account that the content might turn some festivals off. There are so many factors at play when entering festivals and it’s never easy to accept that, for whatever reason, those adjudicating did not see enough value in your film to include it in their lineup. It might even leave you second guessing your decisions moving forward. FROM HELL HE RIDES is a much darker film than FILTH and because of that I may be forgoing festivals upon its completion. I once worked for an animation studio. I took the job for several reasons but mostly I wanted to see where I stood as an animator. It was a wonderful experience but after a year I had my answer. I left before the idea of animation as work and not play set in. I’ve pretty much reached that point with festivals. FROM HELL HE RIDES will be the same film whether it plays in festivals or not and it will find its audience regardless of festival success.

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