There are networking benefits to film festivals if you are able to travel to them but there are limits to what can be accomplished. There are a lot of factors at play. What city is the festival in, what kind of festival is it (short films, genre, shorts and features) what time of year is it, what day and time does your film screen. You’re not screening alone so what other films are you screening with, are you playing with the work of local film makers, what other film makers are going to be in attendance: these all have a huge impact on the response and the audience you will get. For the most part festivals are counting on you to help fill the seats which is why an on line presence is so important. My best advice is to be strategic. Only enter festivals that share your audience. Stay in your lane. And never submit to a one day festival unless if it’s part of a monthly screening series. The money you save by not over-entering is better invested on creating a web site or buying on-line promotion. And for the love of Satan do not spend 2 years on the festival circuit for a short film. That’s just crazy. Remember, the most important thing is to make a good film and speaking from experience that is way harder than it sounds. Speaking of making films, animation is continuing at a brisk pace on FROM HELL HE RIDES.

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