Cabin in the woods

I had planned to write another half dozen posts about FILTH and its adventures on the festival circuit but the more I read over my notes the more it all started to sound like endless whining. No one wants to listen to that so let’s get back to the fun stuff. FILTH has made two Best of 2019 lists so far which is very cool. I continue to push it to as many sites as will promote it which is starting to pay off with some very nice write ups in the last month. You can find links to them HERE. FROM HELL HE RIDES is moving forward as well. My cabin set is starting to take shape and I’m hoping to be animating by mid-January. As I said back when I started this project, these sets are very labour intensive which inevitably will stretch out the production time but I think it will all be worthwhile. The results so far have been very encouraging.

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