riding into town

For the first time in over 3 years, I missed a weekly post. Work ground to halt on FROM HELL HE RIDES these past 2 weeks but slowly, I am returning to my routines. I animated one shot last week and I plan to get back at it this weekend. There are only a half dozen shots left in this scene before I start work on the next set so I’m hoping to get back on the horse.



I sculpted my close up horse in a day. It’s not going to need any kind of skeleton other than the little contraption its sitting on so I think I can have it ready by next week. I also finished painting the sky. I’m never comfortable doing large scale paintings like this. It’s not something I do often so I feel that my abilities are somewhat lacking but having said that, I plan to throw this particular background way out of focus which will help to mask my shortcomings. There are only a dozen set ups needed at this location before I move to the next major scene; inside the cabin.
to achieve with this film.



My animation table is transforming again. I hope to have a new set up and ready fairly quickly so that my man with no name can ride into town. This past week, I put the finishing touches on the prologue for FROM HELL HE RIDES. From opening shot to the end of the title card, 2 minutes worth are now complete. I usually don’t have title cards done this early and it may change before this film is finished but what I have right now, I really like. It perfectly evokes the spaghetti western aesthetic that I’m hoping to capture. Watch the opening titles for The Good the Bad and the Ugly and you’ll know what I mean. I think I’m right on the mark with respect to the tone I’m hoping to achieve with this film.