Another two weeks of intense work. I’ve been burning through Scene 10 and hope to have it completed in the next couple of days. I’ve also retired a third puppet which makes half the cast. This set allows me easy access to the puppets which is a welcome change. Beyond this scene are a couple of quick turnaround throwaway set pieces before I attack the last major interior; inside Whistler’s Saloon. I can see about 4 more months of animating before I reach the end which means the temperature in my little workshop will start to drop before too long.


It’s been a very busy week. Working from some really good reference stills, the saloon exterior has come together very quickly. The action in this scene takes place in and around the large window so I still need to add some set dressing inside the big room but I plan to be shooting in a couple of days.


There are 4 separate gunfights in FROM HELL HE RIDES. I’ve just completed the first of them and the resulting scene is really quite good in my humble opinion. The striking of the blacksmith set also means I’ve past the half way point of shooting. Looking at the underside of my animation table you can see that my cowboys have done a lot of moving around. The painters tape is so I can find the right hole when I’m animating. So many more holes to be made before the ride out of town.