Sets like this require a lot of detail. After days spent building staircase spindles, picture frames, door knobs, liquor bottles, chairs, tables and countless other bits and pieces it felt like very little progress was being made. Quit often though there comes a moment when you start to assemble all those little bits and the set suddenly comes alive. It’s hard to know when that moment will arrive but it’s easy to spot when it does and let me tell you … it’s a great feeling.


I’ve started work on the interior of the saloon. I expect it to take 2 to 3 weeks although that time frame may be a little optimistic. I’ll be honest I’ve hit something of a wall. This film has been ridiculously complicated when it comes to the sets and as much as I am incredibly pleased with how the entire film is coming together, it’s been a struggle this past week working up the enthusiasm for yet another build. The fact that the massive, 100+ shot climax of the film waits for me on the other side of this scene does little to lighten the mood. These moments happen at some point on just about every project and are neither unique nor unexpected. It’s like the athlete who’s lost their scoring touch; you need to keep working and sooner or later the goals will come.