Back in December 2019 I did a shot of one of my guys entering the Sheriff’s office. As I was putting the exterior of the set together I thought to myself, “…what did I do with that door?” I’ve made a lot of doors this past year and they all have a slightly different pattern so it was kind of important that this particular door match from one shot to the next. Those little bits of continuity are incredibly important if you’re trying to make something at least half way professional. I did find the door. It had been repainted several times for use on other sets but was still in good shape. A quick touch up and up it went. I love the idea that a year will separate those 2 shots in the final film.


The rest of the cast has been retired and the last two puppets are about to meet in the centre of town. It reads nice but creating their final standoff will be something of an endurance test. I will need a number of buildings to do this scene justice but on the plus side the level of detail will be nothing like the previous three sets (or so I hope) As always it starts with an empty table.