There was any number of ways I could have staged this gun fight without crossing to the other side of the street but I decided almost 2 years ago that this was how I wanted to stage it … which makes this set something of an extravagance. Sometimes present day me thinks past me really didn’t know what he was doing. However, now that the scene is starting to come together I’m beginning to think that past me was right. It’s a strange feeling knowing that there are no more sets to build for this film.


Those hard days when progress felt glacial seem very far away now. As I start work on the final set I can’t help but recall everything that I’ve made for this film and shake my head. The evidence is all around me as I trip and stumble around my crowded work space. I’ve accumulated boxes and boxes of props, set pieces and just all out junk and can honestly say I am counting down the days to when I can finally purge myself it all.


I think I’ve taken the violence in stop motion as far as I intend to. That’s not to say FROM HELL HE RIDES is some kind of blood bath because it’s not. FILTH holds that honour but FILTH was over the top which helped take some of the edge off whereas FROM HELL HE RIDES is not. It’s played straight … which has me thinking about the future and what I might do next. While I have made no concrete decisions I can say there is something on my mind.