It was exactly 2 years ago today that I began work on the storyboards for FROM HELL HE RIDES. I found this out by chance just a few moments ago when I was preparing for this post. And now here we are…pushing through to the finale. I put the finishing touches on the score last night simultaneously locking the picture as well. While I had hoped to complete the film by the end of April, as like every other aspect of this production, the music proved more challenging than I anticipated. Still, at some point in May the film will be complete. I find that hard to believe.


It’s been awhile since I last posted … mostly because I took a few weeks away from the film. This has been a very challenging production and I wasn’t ready to jump into composing the music the day after I packed up the camera. So now … after that much needed break serious work has begun on the score. I’ve completed 6 cuts to date with another 10 to 12 to go. I have all my major themes, which are the biggest challenge and have been slowly making my way through the film. This would go a lot faster if I wasn’t such a hack on the guitar and keyboard but the process has been very enjoyable and the results are exceeding my expectations.