I don’t actively seek out new projects. I don’t sit back in my chair, hand on chin and think about what my next film will be. Scenarios pop into my head all the time and if one of them stays with me for a while then I’ll start developing it. This past year I was sure I knew what I was doing next on several occasions. One idea made it all the way to an outline, sort of. I spent two months trying to write it down but I could never land on an ending that satisfied me. I felt I could work it into something but sometimes when you begin investing time and effort it’s hard to let an idea go even when you know it doesn’t work. This past week I was standing in my kitchen and had a completely new, fully formed idea. Within a day I had the whole story. By the end of a second day I had a written outline and clear ideas for characters and sets. I won’t definitively say this is my next film … but the simplicity of it is so self-evident that I’m shocked that I never thought of it before.

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