Back in 2004 I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Harryhausen. He was on a promotional tour for his book An Animated Life and I was lucky enough to know some of the people associated with the event. He spoke for a bit then took audience questions. I watched as he signed copies of his book and graciously answered everyone’s questions. As the room was emptying I was able to talk with Ray for about 15 minutes. I asked if he was enjoying his retirement, did he ever miss animating, what he thought of modern films. I told him about how his work had inspired me to attempt my own animations. He jokingly said he probably saved me from becoming a delinquent. I guess he didn’t see FILTH in my future. This image may be blurry and the lighting suspect but when I look at it I think, that’s me shaking the hand of the man responsible for all those amazing images.


FROM HELL HE RIDES will have its world premiere at this year’s edition of the MONTREAL STOP MOTION FESTIVAL. I decided after I completed the film to forgo the festival circuit but I made an exception in this case, mainly because it’s one of the only festivals out there exclusively dedicated to stop motion film making. The festival will be an on-line event running Sept. 10 – 19. The screening date is still to be determined.