I’ve never used replacement animation in my films; specifically for dialogue and/or facial expressions. I’ve always outfitted my puppets with moving parts inside the head so I could animate those things but I’ve decided to give replacement mouths a shot. I sculpted these freehand in a couple of hours so I will definitely need to shoot some tests to see how well they line up.


After a much needed break I have started IT CAME FROM BEYOND THE DRAIN down the production road beginning with the storyboards. Since storyboards are not a very interesting topic I thought I’d talk about something else; music. It usually takes 2 to 3 months to record the final score for my films but don’t let that fool you; I work on the music during the entire production. Music has an enormous impact on any film’s final presentation but its creation is often ignored because this is such a visual medium. Be that as it may, I want to shine just a little light on this work. I’ve posted the entire score to FILTH and plan to do the same with FROM HELL HE RIDES in the near future so I invite you to listen loud.