I started this sculpture a half dozen times before finally hitting on a design I liked. My initial thought was for her to be young and full of energy but the more I story-boarded, the more I felt she would play better as an older dog, which leads to the revisions. I like the sad eyes. I’m not looking for a completely accurate representation but it can be tricky walking that fine line between realistic and caricature. It’s a middle ground which tends to be where a lot of my work resides.


I completed the third armature for IT CAME FROM BEYOND THE DRAIN this week. There are 2 more still to build, one of them being the monster itself which will be a very interesting challenge. After that are some assorted tentacles and close up pieces but I will put those off until I’ve completed the storyboards and have locked down exactly what I need. Slowly, the myriad elements needed to make this film are being put in place.


I finished this armature the other day and as is my want, I went completely overboard. This character appears in about a dozen shots and the wire armature I made for the sculpt probably would have sufficed but for no good reason I decided to go for a full ball and socket armature. On the plus side I was able to use up a bunch of leftover parts I had lying around from FROM HELL HE RIDES.