This is not a how to video but a quick look at my process for building a ball and socket armature. I combine a number of premade parts with readily available materials to create reliable, durable and extremely effective armatures. Anyone looking to experiment on their own should always remember that a well made wire armature is infinitely better than a poorly made ball and socket armature.


3 piece molds of 4 legged characters are tricky. I haven’t done many, mostly because I find the whole process more trouble than it’s worth. I will usually break down my sculpts into several pieces to avoid them but I decided (for no good reason) to make an exception with my DOG. Kind of a risky manoeuvre seeing as if I got it wrong I’d have to start from scratch (which would have been a shame because I’m really happy with the final sculpture) thankfully, it looks like the mold was a success.


The completed armature for IT marks the end of skeleton construction for this film. I’m surprised I was able to complete the 5 ball and socket armatures in just 3 months. There is a tentacle or two still to build but those will likely be simple wire armatures. I’ve always enjoyed this process (which may account for the construction speed) and it makes me just a little sad to think it’ll likely be 2 years before I do it all over again.