This set took 2 weeks to put together. Last week I posted the first half of the build, which laid out the broad strokes. This week it’s all about the details. When it comes to materials, there’s really nothing to it; foam core, Styrofoam, cardboard, balsa, dowel, glue and paint. For the stove, I shaped some Styrofoam then glued 3 separate printed images for the door, stove top and control panel over the foam. I made upper and lower door handles from balsa and glued them in place, then applied a glossy acrylic clear coat to give it some shine. I followed the same procedure for the microwave and range hood. The props are mostly holdovers from FROM HELL HE RIDES with some paint touch ups, although the tool box, curtains and carpets are new. A couple of minor adjustments still need to be made but for the most part this set is camera ready.

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