After just 5 foam runs all the puppets for DRAIN have their final skins. It’ll take a week or so to clean them up and ready them for paint but the heavy lifting is out of the way. You may have noticed the dark spot below the nose and lower lip on the one puppet. I used brass in the skeleton in those areas. Ammonia and brass don’t play well together and even though I covered the skeleton, clearly the two substances made contact causing the brass to oxidize. A coat of prosaide will help seal it and keep the stain from bleeding through the paint but it’s one of those little things that can make you crazy.


You’d think after a few hundred models I’d be able to whip up a perfect puppet every time but you’d be wrong. It’s a finicky substance that foam rubber. There’s nothing more disheartening than pulling open a mould only to find a rubber mess inside. It’s happened once already after 3 runs this month. Then again, a perfect run is a thing of beauty. These puppets still need some seam work but the rubber is soft and the detail is good. A couple more runs and all the puppets for IT will be ready to paint.