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FILTH: Synopsis
Bloodied, bruised and left for dead a man will stop at nothing to exact gruesome revenge on those who wronged him. Aggressive, raw and unrelenting FILTH is the latest short from award winning director Adam Ciolfi. Having built its reputation on the festival circuit with 12 major awards along with 19 nominations FILTH is now unleashed on the public.

About FILTH:
From beginning to end, FILTH is the work of one dedicated individual. Inspired by the film noir movement of the 1940’s and the classic Universal monsters of the 1930’s, director Adam Ciolfi spent 2 years bringing this dark and violent story to life.

Production began in November 2016 once the finishing touches were put on the script. A full year was devoted to pre-production, designing and building the characters and sets, drawing the over 300 storyboards and recording the vocal performances. Another year would be spent at the animation table, putting the characters through their paces one frame at a time. The epic fight scene that closes the film took 3 months alone to animate. The last shot went before the camera in September 2018. An accelerated post production followed with the film completed in December 2018.

An extremely successful festival run began in January 2019. In the 11 months that followed, FILTH would go on to earn 11 major awards, receive a total of 19 nominations and screen at over 30 festivals.

As FILTH made its way around the globe Adam spent the year in preproduction for his next short film. Animation on FROM HELL HE RIDES is set to begin in January 2020. This time taking inspiration from the spaghetti westerns of the 1960’s FROM HELL HE RIDES continues Adam’s penchant for mashing horror and classic cinema.

Adam Ciolfi – director of FILTH
Adam Ciolfi’s lifelong fascination with stop motion animation began in 1975 when at age ten he discovered the work of Ray Harryhausen (The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) In 1977 he attempted his first film with a lump of clay and a Regular 8 camera. By 1985 he and his siblings had produced 26 amateur short films.

Adam completed his first professional production, ATTIC IN THE BLUE in 1991. It would win 4 awards for Best Animated Short during its festival run before being sold for broadcast.

In 1996, after a series of live action shorts, he began work on a stop motion feature film. THE LADY OF NAMES (2011) took 14 years to complete and would go on to screen at over 60 festivals worldwide, taking home the award for Best Animated Feature 9 times. He followed that up with the multi-award winning and critically acclaimed shorts BROKEN (2014) and HIVE (2016)

FILTH (2019) marks his third short in six years. Currently Adam is hard at work on his next animated short FROM HELL HE RIDES.

Adam Ciolfi – Filmography
FROM  HELL HE RIDES (slated for 2021 release) – writer/director (animation)
FILTH (2019, 15 minutes) – writer/director (animation)
HIVE (2016, 11 minutes) – writer/director (animation)
BROKEN (2014, 11 minutes) – writer/director (animation)
THE LADY OF NAMES (2011, 79 minutes) – director (animation)
FORESIGHT (1996, 24 minutes) – director (live action)
CLOSE UP (1994, 24 minutes) – director (live action)
ATTIC IN THE BLUE (1991, 28 minutes) – director (animation)

FILTH – Credits
Written and Directed by Adam Ciolfi
Produced by The Ciolfi Brothers
Animation by Adam Ciolfi
Music by The Three Sorcerers

FILTH on line
Link to the full film: https://youtu.be/FnlVCZaZjPc
website: https://adamciolfi.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A-film-by-Adam-Ciolfi-225691100795562/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ciolfianimation
YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-IGdAjPqeAfnAS86M-ZmRQ

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FILTH – Complete list of awards and nominations

• Winner: Best of the Festival, Thriller! Chiller! Horror Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Best Short Film, Crypticon Seattle Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Best Short Film, Mad Monster Party Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Best Horror Short, Toronto Short Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Best Director, Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Spotlight Gold Award, Spotlight Film Awards (2019)
• Winner: Sparquie The Squirrel Award, Hamilton Film Festival 2019
• Winner: Best Production Design, Wreck Havoc Horror Film Festival (2019)
• Winner: Jury Award, Haunted House FearFest London (2019)
• Winner: Audience Award, Haunted House FearFest Berlin (2019)
• Winner: Best Special Effects, Sin City Horror Festival (2019)
• Winner: Goriest Short, Something Wicked Film Festival (2019)

• Nominated: Best Short Film, Terror In The Bay (2019)
• Nominated: Best Animated Short, Something Wicked Film Festival (2019)
• Nominated: Best Animated Short, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (2019)
• Nominated: Best Animated Short, Festival of Fear International Film Festival (2019)
• Nominated: Best Foreign Film, Wreck Havoc Horror Film Festival (2019)
• Nominated: Best Poster, Wreck Havoc Horror Film Festival (2019)
• Jury Award Nominee: Joe Nardelli Memorial Award, Shock Stock London Ontario (2019)
• Semi-Finalist Best Animated Film, Haunted House FearFest London (2019)