The sound edit is complete and I have moved on to the final mix. There will be several pre-mixes in order to wrestle these 40 plus tracks down to the essential 4: dialogue, ambience, effects, and music. I’m also continuing to pack up the last pieces of production. I really enjoyed working with this motley crew. I put my lead character through a few poses before packing him up and damn that is a nice skeleton in there. As smooth and easy to use as the day it was built. I’m looking forward to recreating it but smaller and lighter. For now it’s back to the mixing board.




I spend a lot of time in darkness. I find it soothing. Organizing all these audio channels can get a little frustrating, the darkness keeps me calm. I won’t bother getting into the specifics but everything on the sound edit is progressing nicely. Another week and I should be ready to mix. Most independent films fall down when it comes to sound. It’s as important as any other aspect of the film making process but so often it gets short changed. I tend to go the opposite way. I throw everything at it and slowly whittle it down during the final mix. Even after saying all that it’s still the fastest part of this whole endeavor.



I’ve reached the end (or what I believe to be the end) of the scoring phase on FILTH. I’m sure there will be some re-mixes along the way but the music is done and with it the picture has also been locked. I have now moved on to the sound edit. Finishing by Halloween is never going to happen so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until January 2019 for the finished film but you will be getting a first look on Halloween Day … when I post the trailer.



Tearing down a set to make room for another is one thing. Tearing down the last set is different. My animation space is empty now but for a 4×8 foot table waiting for … something. It will be awhile before that something comes along. I have the vaguest notion of a story but nothing really concrete. Meanwhile, post production continues on FILTH but with a very different view from my computer. All this empty space is so alien.


end 2

Normally when I hit post production I like to lock down the visuals, do a complete sound edit then move on to the music but this time around, for mundane reasons not worth mentioning here, I’ve decided to work on the music ahead of the sound edit. The music for FILTH is very melodic and is now actually influencing the final edit. In essence I am cutting scenes to the beat in many cases which gives the whole film a driving pace. This wasn’t my intention when I started but it has proven to be so effective that I will be working this way on every project moving forward.



My abilities as a guitarist are a perfect fit with my proficiency on the keyboard. How could anything go wrong? And yet, the music for FILTH is progressing at a surprisingly fast pace and I am incredibly pleased with the results thus far. It is not a stretch to say the music will be completed by the middle of October. I was not expecting it to go this fast but during that year of practicing I pretty much locked down the melodies and it was just a matter of recording them. Plus, if you know your way around these programs it is much easier to stitch together a solid performance, even by a hack like me.